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What is Meant by a Full-Service Commercial Law Firm?

In the minds of most businessmen and women, the practice of commercial or business law is a highly specialized field of law that includes many legal facets from transactional contract development to litigation services. As a general rule business law attorneys are well-versed in the laws governing the establishment and operations of a business entity as well as transactions that take place between businesses, clients, vendors, sub-contractors, and customers. This type of legal practice also offers representation to resolve disputes between parties, businesses, any commercial transactions and provides litigation services when disputes are not resolved amicably.

Commercial lawyers can be essential when establishing a corporate formation, providing legal guidance in developing policies and procedures, drafting contracts, and other legal documents including non-competes and demand letters.

The relationship between business owners and their commercial attorneys is different than most other attorney-client interactions, because of the ongoing opportunities that exist within most business operations. Having legal counsel who is an accessible resource, is similar to having in-house counsel without the cost. Cultivating that relationship can be of a tremendous advantage when things go awry.     

Contracts Make All the Difference

Most business law attorneys would agree that the phrase “it’s all in the contracts” clearly defines the role contracts play in establishing the rules by which most businesses operate with clearly defined roles, expectations, and procedures. Expert contract drafting not only helps avoid costly disputes down the road but protects the interests of the parties concerned in a way that manifests the intent of all parties involved.

Full-service commercial law firms can also advise on a variety of labor and employment law issues including wage and compensation plans, structured bonuses, incentive compensation, confidentiality provisions, and even Belo agreements and independent contractor agreements. Highly qualified and experienced business law attorneys also help legally establish a business and their compliance to applicable laws related to their industry.

Why Choose Heekin Law?

As experienced business law attorneys, we at Heekin Law understand our professional role of advising and counseling our clients on a myriad of issues affecting them through the life cycle of their businesses. Affordable legal counsel is the cornerstone of our practice assisting all types of businesses including sole proprietorships, partnerships, independent businesses, franchises, non-profits, construction firms, homeowner, condo, and commercial associations. We also provide legal assistance for establishing guardianships, estate, and real estate services.

We are experts in the practice of business law and handle all types of business litigation including contract disputes, tortious interference, breach of agreements, FTUDPA, Civil RICO, or any type of dispute resolution through, negotiation, mediation, and trials. We understand the delicate balance of many ongoing business relationships and prefer settlement through negotiation, exhausting every measure to preserve them whenever possible. We establish a mutual gains resolution policy, which can be beneficial to both parties without the costly need for courtroom intervention. If you are in need of a commercial law attorney, we offer a free, initial consultation with an attorney whose expertise is specific to your legal needs. Give us a call today at 904-355-7000 to schedule your appointment.


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