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Non-Compete Agreements

Jacksonville Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are powerful tools utilized by companies both small and large to protect important business information. Florida has one of the most liberal non-compete laws in the country. Even so, there are very specific requirements that a non-compete must meet in order to be enforceable. The attorneys at Heekin Litigation Group are experienced in not only drafting and reviewing non-compete agreements for their business clients, but also in litigating the enforcement of non-compete agreements for both businesses and individuals.

Non-compete agreements must be limited in their length of time and geographic scope. They must also serve to protect a legitimate business interest.  Florida Statute Section 542.335 governs the enforcement of non-compete agreements and sets forth the guidelines for what constitutes a legitimate business interest. It is absolutely critical for any business or individual considering a non-compete agreement in the State of Florida be familiar with and fully understand Section 542.335.

The experienced attorneys at Heekin Litigation Group are happy to review any non-compete agreements which are being contemplated by employers or employees. In addition to non-compete agreements, the attorneys at Heekin Litigation Group are also experienced in drafting, reviewing, analyzing, and litigating the enforcement of confidentially agreements, non-solicitation clauses, and non-interference clauses.

If you are a business owner that is considering having employees sign an non-compete agreement, you should first consult with an experienced attorney.  It is critical for your business to ensure that it is in compliance with the Statutes and that will have a strong likelihood of being able to enforce the non-compete agreement. This is the only way to ensure that your business interests, trade secrets, and confidential information are properly protected.


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