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Marriage and the Spread of Covid-19

Questions in the media are arising about marriages and the effects COVID-19 has had and is going to have on these relationships in the near future. According to a University of Virginia sociologist, W. Bradford Wilcox, this pandemic will leave the average marriage in this country stronger as couples strive to find common ground while facing many obstacles on a variety of fronts both financially and psychologically. Wilcox believes there is a “marital shift” taking place from a popular notion that marriages should be based on an intense emotional connection, as well as personal fulfillment.  This he believes has given rise to the tremendous divorce rates we have experienced since the 1980s, due in large part to unfulfilled and broken emotional connections making it Ok to “just walk away”. The COVID-19 pandemic has also shifted attention away from these interpersonal needs to the holistic needs of the family. There is even talk about the reinforcement of Maslow’s theory of The Hierarchy of Needs that might now describe basic human needs and wants, focused on the basic necessities and quality of family life, verses self-fulfillment, status, and freedom of choice. Many of the reasons that modern-day marriages fail, is the idea of happiness based on the level of satisfaction between partners and discounts the true function of marriage which was procreation, child-rearing, and support of an aged family. Has COVID-19 made the soulmate model less realistic in the face of these new modern adversities and is economic insecurity, reoccurring disease contamination given rise to less a stable, more centric switching costs from one partner to the next. As divorce rates decline and marital commitments rise, couples will alter their level of needs about love and intimacy as resources become scarce and possibly refocus their attention to the quality of love and fulfillment, from quantity.

Are Modern Marriages a Thing of the Past?

Speculation on post-COVID-19 realities projects lower than expected marriage and birth rates, with longer-lasting marriages taking a ”family-first” approach making them more financially and emotionally sustainable. There is a cost however on settling for a lower emotional and interpersonal connection expectation according to many psychologists.

If the world’s economy and economic rebound hasten broader stability, the Covid-19 effects on marriages might have individuals selling their expectations short. But these are the reasons why most Americans marry in the first place; relationships based on love and compatibility and that could only strengthen as the effects of the world around us settles down.

Choosing a Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville Fl

If you are in need of a marital and family law attorney to assist you with a divorce, child custody or child support case, modification of an existing court order or related family law issue you have many attorneys to choose from in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. Many attorneys fresh out of law school find it easy to practice marital and family law with little or no legal experience especially experience based on real-life events. At Heekin Law, P.A. our lead marital and family law attorney, Hunter Malin has over 20 years of experience in dealing with every kind of family law issue. Understanding an individual’s complaints and dissatisfaction in a legal union takes judgment and maturity and Hunter prides himself as a father and practicing attorney with decades of experience advising clients on all aspects of family law. Representing individuals and their families involved in a divorce is a complicated and stressful matter that takes support, understanding, and identifying a clear direction and outcome our clients want to achieve. We believe that negotiation, not litigation is the most cost-effective remedy and that individuals, not judges, are in most cases best suited to find common ground and resolve differences amicably. If you are defending or initiating a divorce action or need assistance with any other family law matter, we are here to help with free, no-obligation consultations. Give Hunter a call at 904-355-7000 or visit our website at Jax-Law.Com to review our services and qualifications.


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