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Landlord Tenant Disputes

Jacksonville Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial and Residential Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Heekin Law, P.A. has a tremendous amount of experience dealing with many facets of Real Estate Law including representation for commercial and residential landlords, and commercial tenants. We understand that both landlords and tenants have certain rights and responsibilities when entering into a lease agreement under Florida law. Those obligations start as soon as an agreement is executed between the parties and the prearranged terms determine the responsibilities to which both parties agree. Our highly experienced real estate attorneys draft durable lease agreements that clearly outline those terms and conditions of a lease which can go a long way in preventing potential issues that may arise. Besides handling landlord-tenant lease drafting and review, we also have extensive experience representing both commercial and residential landlords in dispute resolution and litigation. Examples include but are not limited to: breach of lease agreements, collection of unpaid monies, damage to rental property and eviction of tenants, etc. We also serve as general counsel to landlords in dealing with additional issues that may arise including utility liens, construction liens, and code enforcement issues. If you have any questions regarding the drafting of a commercial or residential lease agreement or revising your current commercial or residential lease agreement, please contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Disputes, Evictions, and Litigation

At Heekin Law, P.A. we understand one of the most important concerns to a landlord is ensuring that a continuous stream of income is uninterrupted and when issues arise, as they often do, swift decisive action should be taken on their part, limiting the loss as much as possible. To this end, lease agreements should be drafted in a way that protects the landlord’s interest and is most favorable to the landlord in the event a dispute arises. Florida law governing the relationship between landlords and tenants can be fairly involved and technical, so those who seek legal counsel should retain only qualified and competent real estate attorneys experienced in such matters. If you are in a current dispute with a tenant or foresee a dispute with a tenant will develop, the attorneys at Heekin Law, P.A. can help guide you through the process and legal remedies that are at your disposal. We can also help you take immediate action to either resolve the problem or remove the tenant from the leased premises. Our experienced real estate attorneys have been assisting commercial and residential landlords resolve their problems for almost 20 years. In addition to handling landlord and tenant disputes, Heekin Law, P.A. is experienced in all facets of business law including business disputes, business formations, creditors rights, contract drafting, review and disputes, all aspects of construction law as well as representing HOA’s and COA’s. We not only have extensive litigation experience but are also experienced at the Appellate level. We practice in all courts, local, state and federal level including each of Florida’s five (5) District Courts of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court and the Federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Our offices are in Jacksonville Florida but we service the business law interests of clients from Central Florida to the Georgia State Line. Give us a call today at 904-355-7000.


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