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Almost every family law matter that is presented to the court involves a complex issue that only an experienced and tested litigator would have the skill to resolve swiftly. With so much at stake in almost all divorce, child support and custody cases, modifications, the establishment of paternity and division of assets matters, entrusting your case to just anyone would be a mistake. Entrusting your family law matter to the cheapest attorney would be an even bigger mistake. The unfortunate part in all of this is that of all the legal disciplines practiced, marital and family law makes up the largest percentage of cases flooding our courts today. The number of divorce and family settlement cases far exceed personal injury cases filed and criminal charges sought. These numbers are also exacerbated in areas where there are military bases and military marriages where the strain of separation and in some cases unfamiliar surroundings far from home make relationships difficult at best to thrive or even survive. It takes more on the part of your chosen attorney, to just having a commitment to your individual case, it takes judgment, a wealth of experience and the full attention of an attorney with a proven track record to secure a positive verdict and create a durable outcome, you not only desire, but deserve. At Heekin Law, P.A. that commitment to protecting your legal rights and best interests remains throughout the entirety of your case. Our number one priority is to seek and secure a just and fair resolution to your case as quickly as is humanly possible. Our lead family law trial attorney, Hunter Malin has been doing just that for countless clients for over 20 years. Judgment, combined with compassion and experience equals a comprehensive approach to resolving issues and disputes. As Hunter maintains, “we create compassionate, attorney-client relationships, so our clients can gain renewed confidence in that everything will be alright and the future holds promise and security for those involved”. We leave no stone unturned in resolving all legal matters our clients face.  The uncertain and stressful emotional occurrences of divorce are what we strive to mitigate and take every legal step to avoid having such problems.

Handling a Full Range of Family Legal Cases

Protecting Your Rights is Job Number One!

At Heekin Law, P.A. we understand what individuals, children, and families are going through when facing the prospects of divorce. Change in family life is difficult, but the uncertainty that accompanies almost all family law matters is in many cases unbearable. That is why it is so important to retain a marital and family law attorney in Jacksonville fl, who emotionally understands and can provide sound legal guidance through the entire ordeal. We help clients every day decide what is the best course of action to take through the process of mediation and a negotiated settlement. How a family law case is presented has a significant effect on the outcome in almost all cases. Careful, deliberate and professional preparation usually helps establish the perimeters that clients and attorneys use to seek just and fair compensation. If you are facing a divorce, responding to or bringing an action, we want to hear the facts in your case and together we will present to opposing counsel and their client the best course of action for all involved. Successful, Negotiated Settlements, Just Don’t Happen. It takes judgment, experience, and exceptional negotiating and litigation skills to successfully handle a case. Give Hunter Malin a call at 904-355-7000 for a free, no-obligation consultation and put our experience to work on your behalf. Visit our website at for a complete list of our services, qualifications, and experience. We handle marital and family law clients in the entire Northeast Florida area.

Hunter Malin is Skilled and Experienced in the Following Family Law Matters:

Asset Division
Child Support
Child Custody
Commercial Property Division
Dependency Hearings
Division of Assets
Divorce-Contested and Un-Contested
Domestic Violence-Restraining Court Orders
Father’s Rights
Grand Parent Rights
Military Divorce
Military Division of Assets/Pension
Parental Alienation
Property Division
Same-Sex Marriage/Divorce
Spousal Support


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