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Questions arise all the time about what does a commercial lawyer do, and who can benefit most from their unique legal talents and services. Commercial or Business law attorneys specialize in legal matters that pertain to all different types of businesses including commercial entities, construction firms, homeowner associations, and real estate transactions and disputes. Business lawyers in most cases practice both transaction law; contract drafting, business formations, non-compete agreements, construction agreements and association documents, and litigation law; handling business, contract and shareholder disputes as well as construction defects, liens, and association covenants and restriction enforcement. To put it simply, they assist with business transactions, and legal issues arising from disputes requiring actions, motions, and legal issues with the court. These legal professionals are well versed in all aspects of business transactions and can give advice and counsel on mergers and acquisitions, labor negotiations, and even company dissolutions. Business owners, managers, and even individuals typically hire business law attorneys to amicably resolve issues through negotiation or mediation to avoid costly litigation. When disputes erupt, experienced commercial attorneys try and create durable outcomes while maintaining core business relationships even in the face of pending litigation.  

Business Lawyers Responsibilities and Duties

Business law attorneys have responsibilities to commercial endeavors and are therefore obligated to assist with business transactions that are both legal and valid. Protecting the best interest of the business from harm starts with keeping the business from violating various laws and rules. Legal representatives understand the ever-changing jurisdictional laws and proactively advise clients to keep businesses from incurring violations. Commercial or business law attorneys analyze changing conditions in contractional agreements, determining loopholes, and taking corrective action to minimize legal exposure. Additionally, business law attorneys are experienced in dealing with many different contractual, professional, and even governmental entities that may be involved in a procedure, negotiation, enforcement or adjudication of a legal dispute.   

Commercial Lawyer with Both Transactional and Litigation Experience

When a company, corporation, sole proprietorship, franchise, or other business enterprise has various needs that need to be protected, a business or commercial lawyer should be engaged or retained. Expeditious procurement of counsel ensures your transactions are protected and that the documentation if both valid and legitimate. Protection at all times can also head off issues that could result in costly litigation. At Heekin Law, P.A. our lead business law attorneys Geoff Heekin, Ariel Spires, and Chelsey Pankratz have over 50 years of shared legal experience practicing both transactional and litigation law. Their primary goal is the protection of the assets, both tangible and intangible, and interests of a business. That starts with business contract creation or review which could involve partners, employees, projects, ventures, individuals, service providers, sub-contractors, or companies with similar concerns. Our business law practice extends to all parts of Florida supporting such entities as Enterprise Structures, Commercial Businesses, Construction Firms, Condo and Home Owner Associations, Real Estate Landlords, and Developers. We have extensive experience at both the trial and appellate levels. And are licensed to practice in all state courts in the State of Florida, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the federal 11th Circuit, and the United States District Court for both the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida. We even defend FDUTPA Claims and Civil RICO actions. Heekin Law, P.A. offers free, no-obligation consultations in protective settings. Give us a call at 904-355-7000  


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