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Association Law

HOA Law Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Legal Guidance For Associations

Homeowners associations (HOA), condominium associations (COA) and other associations are not typical business entities. They are governed by a variety of laws, depending on the nature of the association. Since many associations are nonprofit corporations, they are governed by the same rules that govern other nonprofits, as well as other association-specific regulations.

When moving forward with any legal issue, an association can benefit from the insight of a lawyer who understands all applicable laws and is sensitive to the unique relationship between associations and property owners. At Heekin Law, P.A. in Jacksonville, we have earned a positive reputation for our representation of associations throughout Florida. We also represent property management companies who work on behalf of HOAs and COAs.

Formation And Maintenance Of An Association

We can assist developers with the creation of an HOA, condo association or other type of association. We are well-versed in the creation of governing documents, including declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R). We can help in determining annual assessments and plans for funding reserves. We can provide guidance in assembling a board of directors or other governing body for the association, or offer information about enlisting a management company to handle all or some of the governing duties.

For already established associations, we can help with all the day-to-day business and legal issues that arise. We can revise CC&Rs and change annual assessments. If a community member has violated the terms of the CC&Rs, we can assist with enforcement actions, from sending out covenant violation letters to assessing fines.

HOA And Condo Association Disputes

When conflicts arise between associations and property owners, our attorneys will work to resolve the dispute. If possible, our goal is to remedy the issue while preserving the relationship between the association and the property owner. This can often be accomplished through skillful negotiation. However, we are trial-ready attorneys, prepared to defend your association in court or pursue aggressive action to protect the community as a whole.

We are proficient in the collection of unpaid assessments, charges and fees. We can assist in preparing collection letters including statutorily required notices of intent to record a claim of lien and notices of intent to foreclose a claim of lien. We are prepared to go as far as foreclosing on an owner's property in order to get the association reimbursed for unpaid dues. We are also competent in getting property owners to strictly maintain their property as set forth in the CC&Rs and other governing documents.

We also handle disputes between associations and management companies and other parties.

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