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According to the Community Association Institute’s 2018 Homeowners Satisfaction Survey, 90% of the respondents say their association rules enhance and protect property values and 85% of participants rated their overall experience as members of an HOA or COA as being positive. It is estimated that over 350,000 HOA’s and COA’s are active in this country with over 40 million households, which represents 53% of all owner-occupied households in the United States. Amazing… It is no wonder that developers, especially in Florida, are building-out planned, private communities and condominiums at an alarming rate. Active communities where the ownership of private property is under the use-control of an association’s governing rules and regulations of its owners and where common areas are maintained and paid for by association dues. Homeowner and condominium associations all over the State of Florida have unique challenges when handling their day to day activities of issues ranging from deed and covenant enforcement, collection of dues, assessments and even dealing with construction issues defects and liens. Business law attorneys that specialize in assisting HOA’s and COA’s are much more effective if engaged by the real estate developer at the outset of the development or condominium project. Having the necessary experience and legal expertise in drafting and amending HOA and Condominium Association governing documents, advising on compliance issues with state statutes is essential for creating durable and enforceable covenants and restrictions. HOA attorneys in jacksonville fl provide legal advice and opinions on many aspects of HOA’s and COA’s operations including: drafting governing documents, declarations and amendments, interpretation and enforcement of covenants, rules and regulations, assessments, assessment collection, conflict of interest, bylaw disputes, managing agent agreements, and disputes that include common charges, covenant enforcement, disturbance issues and modification of CAC’s. Additionally, if problems arise with the construction of dwellings that result in contract disputes, construction defects, mechanical liens, alterations, and repairs or other disputes with property owners HOA attorneys usually have construction law experience.

Why Hire Heekin Litigation Group for your HOA or COA At Heekin

Litigation Group, our lead business and construction law attorneys Geoff Heekin and Hunter Malin provide general counsel in all aspects of HOA and COA operations. With over 50 years of shared business and construction law experience, we assist developers with all aspects of an HOA or COA type of association. Providing legal guidance for HOA’s and COA’s is different than dealing with typical business entities. Many of these types of associations are set up as non-profit corporations and are governed as such. Associations can benefit from the insight of attorneys who understand all of the applicable laws associated with these types of communities and at the same time are sensitive to the ongoing relationship between property owners and the governing body of their associations.  At Heekin Litigation Group we are extremely well versed in creating governing documents including covenants, conditions and restrictions commonly referred to as CC&R. Need help determining annual assessments and an ongoing plan for funding reserves, we even assist governing bodies and property management companies revising CC&R charges and annual assessments. When disputes arise, Heekin Litigation Group is proficient and expeditious in handling any issues and conflicts. We are skilled negotiators at resolving problems, amicable is possible, but are ready for trial, prepared to defend your association in court in any jurisdiction in Florida including Federal Court. Our goal is the protection of the community as a whole. If you represent an association of any community or condominium in Jacksonville, St Augustine, Fernandina, Palm Coast, Daytona, The Villages, Orlando or any other area of Central or North Florida, give us a call. Heekin Litigation Group is well versed in all legal matters pertaining to businesses, construction, real estate and HOA and COA’s. Our no-obligation consultations are always free and we are available where ever you reside. Call 904-355-7000


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