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Have You Been Served with Divorce Papers Unexpectedly?

Many modern couples today are experience all different types of marital issues with some brought on by factors like the current Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, aging, children leaving the home or just growing and developing emotionally in separate ways. When couples are contemplating divorce, many times discussions and decisions about breaking up don’t move fast enough for one of the partners. Perhaps you and or your partner have discussed the possibility of hiring an attorney but to your knowledge, he or she has not made a legal move. All of a sudden without any warning you are serviced with divorce papers and now you are faced with wondering what is the next step. Divorce can be one of the most challenging and stressful events that can take place in a person’s life. If children are involved especially school-aged, the prospects of having the family breakup and the lives of those you love changed forever is a completely unnerving experience. The shock of being blindsided by your partner can be quite unsettling and can emotionally immobilize you, just when you need to act expeditiously to protect your legal interests and rights, and those of your dependents if any are present.

What should you do if you have been served with a divorce action in Florida by your spouse? First, do not panic or rush to judgment based on the advice you might receive from parents or friends. Second, it is clear you need to seek legal counsel and advice as quickly as possible because, from the time you are served, you have a limited amount of time to respond to the divorce petition. You actually have 20 days in the State of Florida, from the time you receive the divorce petition to respond. It will take time to emotionally adjust to the circumstances you now face, but you must take action and select a family law attorney who can guide you through the process. It will also take time for your attorney to prepare a response after reviewing your unique marital position, so time is of the essence. Waiting until the last minute or even worse, ignoring the papers altogether, puts your legal position in peril, so act quickly. Remember, even though you might need time to figure things out, the decisions you make today will affect your future and those of any dependent children you may be responsible for, so try and remain as cool and level headed as you possibly can.

Why You Should Choose Heekin Law, P.A.!

So, what are the factors you should consider when seeking out the services of a marital and family law attorney in Jacksonville fl? First, not all lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in family law matters. Marital and Family Law is a highly specialized field of law especially because it deals with complex relationships and how the courts have interpreted who is best served by the decisions made. Additionally, divorcing couples have the chance to decide the break-up of their marital assets, custody of their children, alimony, etc. during a mediation, instead of a judge making those decisions for them. This is why it is so important to have the right legal mind and expert representing your interests and goals. At Heekin Law, P.A. our lead marital and family law attorney, Hunter Malin has over 20 years of experience in handling all types of divorce actions and settlement. From simple, non-contested divorce actions to complex marital break-ups involving the division of business ownerships assets. Hunter understands the complexities of divorce settlements, the protection of client rights, the importance of minimizing conflict, and reducing the negative impact divorce often has on the children of a divorced family. Underestimating the importance of decisions made today can greatly affect tomorrow’s future. Being able to confide in a compassionate as well as an aggressive family law attorney is oftentimes essential in securing your desired outcome. At Heekin Law, P.A. our goal is always to economically resolve legal issues and successfully defend our client’s best interests. Our marital and family law consultations are free and we have convenient payment plans to help you resolve the financial burden divorce often creates. Give us a call at 904-355-7000 for an appointment today.


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