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Jacksonville Paternity Lawyer & Father's Rights Attorney

Fathering a child constitutes a special relationship that can have moral and legal implications whether the child is born out of wedlock or within a marriage. At Heekin Litigation Group, we have an experienced Family Law Attorney, Hunter Malin, representing both fathers and mothers who want to establish paternity, or the legal parental status of the father as actually being the biological father. In both cases, the father, mother and child have legal rights that need to be protected. Issues of legitimacy, custody, timesharing, support, inheritance, surnames, military and social security benefits can all be affected by the establishment of paternity. In marriages, the male is presumed to be the father unless otherwise proven that he is not. In cases involving an unmarried couple, both the mother and presumed father can petition the Court to determine paternity. Many times, child support, timesharing, and child custody are in question and paternity must be established for the Court to decide who is responsible for the welfare of the child. It is important to establish paternity for many reasons including heredity issues of health predispositions, in determining child custody in the parenting plan, establishing visitation and custodial rights, or being ordered to or released from child support payments. In any event, it is important that paternity is established for the child’s sake. Proving that a biological father exists is important for children to identify with, especially within a situation where the parents do not live together. DNA testing has a 99.9% probability of determining paternity and is conclusive proof in establishing paternity.

Why Consider Heekin Litigation Group as Your Personal Family Law Attorney

At Heekin Litigation Group our primary concern is you and your dependent children. Our experience, legal training, and marital and family law knowledge are the cornerstones of our divorce practice. Hunter Malin is a successful and committed family law attorney seeking successful resolutions in all facets of divorce and family law disputes. He has developed many long-lasting relationships with clients by listening to their concerns, needs and goals. Hunter prides himself on taking the time to understand all aspects of the issues at hand and to apply the necessary legal resources to achieve a desired outcome. Safeguarding you, your family and resources is our main concern. At Heekin Litigation Group, we take that responsibility very seriously. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, we are an affordable legal remedy to all aspects of divorce and family law issues. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 904-355-7000 and let us put our extensive legal knowledge to work for you. Heekin Litigation Group. Providing compassionate, personalized service, customized to fit your legal needs.


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