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Family Law Attorney - Domestic Violence

Jacksonville Family Lawyer Handling Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence

If you have been the innocent victim of a domestic violence incident you need to seek immediate police protection and retain legal help and counsel from a competent family law attorney. Domestic violence oftentimes is the result of a serious mental condition of one person, exerting violence or other abuse over another in a relationship or domestic setting. According to Florida’s Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 94% of all violent domestic crimes are perpetrated against women. Many criminal law attorneys are retained by those accused of committing an abuse upon their partner such as sexual assault, battery, and bodily injury, emotional abuse, threats, and harassment. But who speaks for the victims in these matters, the countless women in most cases, sometimes men who endure these physical and emotional abuses? Hunter Malin is a seasoned and experienced marital and family law attorney who represents individuals who have been victimized by their partners. Many times, as much as 50% of the domestic violence incidents that occur go completely unreported putting family members at risk of serious injury and sometimes even death. It is also reported that 72% of all murder-suicides and 15% of all violent crimes involved domestic partners. This is a staggering statistic when coupled with the knowledge that in the 4-county area of North Florida, in 2018, 8,038 domestic violence crimes were reported to law enforcement.  It is no wonder that the State of Florida has certified hundreds of domestic violence shelters around the state providing over 600,000 nights of shelter per year to countless victims and their children, the result of a domestic violence incident.

Domestic Violence, who is Involved

The overwhelming problem involving domestic disputes is they often erupt into dangerous and egregious situations and the abusers/perpetrators are from all walks of life, race, occupations, level of education and economic status. No one seems to be immune from being the target of a domestic incident when partners in a relationship suffer from issues with self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, possessiveness and in many cases, mental illness. Still, domestic violence perpetrated by one individual against another is a serious crime and all too often what seems like an isolated incident will over time escalate. Many times, dominant or aggressive abusers look upon their victims as possessions and feel they can exert any pressure they wish including mental abuse, sexual assault and/or display physical violent behavior. These patterns of abuse are unpredictable in most cases and cause many victims to become depressed, have feelings of guilt, withdrawn and often suicidal if the behavior is not corrected. It is safe to say that most individuals involved in a domestic violence incident are victims of one issue or another. Heekin Litigation Group and its lead family law attorney, Hunter Malin understands that anyone who has suffered abuse at the hands of another deserves protection under the law. They also need an experienced and compassionate individual who has helped hundreds of domestic violence victims to protect themselves and their families from further abuse. Hunter knows first-hand what his clients are going through, is sensitive to their needs and can help plan out an immediate course of action according to their own desires. Restraining the abuser is in most case the first order of business, by court order commanding the named party to cease communicating, approaching or contacting the victim until such time as the court deems appropriate.

We Understand Your Trepidation and Fears

At Heekin Litigation Group our family law attorney, Hunter Malin understands the pain and humiliation that accompanies a domestic violence incident. Abused partners or spouses many-times stay in abusive relationships out of the fear of retaliation or feeling of self-worth. But most truly abusive relationships get worse over time putting victims and their children at increased risk of injury and even death. The first thing an abused victim needs to be concerned with is their safety. Obtaining swift legal action to protect one’s life and property involves a court-ordered, restraining order that is legally enforced if broken with stiff fines and penalties that could include incarceration. Seeking out professional mental health counseling often times can help victims understand the complex domestic issues at hand and how to psychologically deal with them. Next, obtaining competent legal counsel is important so that an abused person may know their options and if the relationship is not beyond repair, put a legal structure together to help both parties regain their individual roles. Unfortunately, most abused partners or spouses that seek protective custody of the court and retain legal counsel have limited courses of action other than divorce. Hunter Malin has over 25 years of divorce and family law experience handling such matters as child support and custody, paternity issues, alimony, guardianships, dividing marital and business assets and mediation services. Give him a call for a free, no-obligation consultation so your story may be told to an attorney who cares about you, your family and protecting your legal rights.

Domestic Crisis Hot-Line and Certified Domestic Violence Center

If you are currently involved in an abusive relationship, we recommend you contact a professionally licensed mental health counselor or contact the Florida Department of Health for assistance. The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-787-7233 is available 24-hours a day 365 days a year for anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse. It is confidential and callers can remain anonymous. If you have been abused and fear for your safety, please call 911 immediately. If you need the immediate assistance of a place to stay for yourself and children that is a safe haven see the following list of centers below.

Northeast Florida Domestic Violence Centers:

  • Hubbard House Jacksonville (904) 354-0076
  • Safety Center of St. Johns County Saint Augustine (904) 808-8544
  • Quigley House Clay County (904) 284-0061
  • Micah’s Place Fernandina Beach (904) 491-6364


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