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To say being married is difficult, is in many cases an understatement as evident by the number of divorces that take place in the State of Florida each year. According to the American Psychological Association, roughly 40% to 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Florida ranks as having the seventh-highest divorce rate in the country. Many factors have been cited as contributing to this dissolution of relationships including families relocating from other states, from foreign countries, an aging population with a longer life expectancy and those entering retirement. Additionally, many families move to the Sunshine State to try and make a new beginning, to take whatever assets they have acquired in other parts of the country and make a fresh start, drawn by warm sunny weather and low taxes. But with over 50,000 divorces sought in 2018, roughly 1/3 of the number of marriages recorded each year, Florida seems to be a mecca for a growing number of disillusioned couples seeking divorce. The cost of which each year will exceed 2 billion dollars for Florida residents. Divorce attorneys are very busy handling a growing number of cases involving many different types of families and distinct social groups including immigrants, aging retirees, and same-sex partnerships. Only experienced divorce attorneys with years of experience are in many cases equipped to handle the complex issues involved with these diverse groups seeking divorce.

What is Happening to Married Couples?

The tragedy of break-ups in modern marriages can in many cases be attributed to negative forces and negative energy exerted by one partner over another. This negativity can take many forms including over-dominance, possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, excessive compulsive behavior, and even personality disorders not displayed during courtship. Marriages can be irrevocably harmed by one partner having undue influence over another, creating an unhealthy environment with sometimes devastating results. Most marriage breakups are the result of a continuing series of events that cause agony, hardship, withdrawal and emotional distress for at least one of the partners involved. Hunter Malin, Heekin Litigation Group’s lead marital and family law attorney has over 20 years of experience dealing with clients who have been subjected to emotional distress caused by one partner over the other. The emotional ecology of successful marriages is a balance of both positive and negative forces where partners share equally in supporting each other. Putting the other persons needs first is a mutually satisfying experience that many marriages never obtain.

Why Consider Heekin Litigation Group


Its is extremely important to hire a marital and family law attorney who is experienced in all aspects of Florida law, especially when it involves complex divorce cases. Florida is a no-fault state meaning that having one party at fault for the break-up of a marriage is not required as a ground for divorce. There are only two different grounds for divorce to be granted in the State of Florida, incapacitation and irreconcilable differences. Under certain circumstances, a fault may impact the distribution of marital assets, alimony, and even parental time-sharing.  


When a marriage is on the brink of ending, oftentimes one or more of the parties involved suffer emotionally. At Heekin Litigation Group, our attorneys are sensitive to the problems divorcing families face. With years of experience handling many different types of divorce settlements, child support and custody cases, modification to an existing agreement, establishing paternity or guiding a client through mediation, we are sensitive to your needs and act as a trusted advisor throughout the entire process. Our lead family law attorney Hunter Malin has years of experience addressing the humanistic, as well as the legal aspects of your case. Hunter will work closely with you to clearly identify your needs and goals and pursue a legal course of action that benefits you, your family and children. He will work tirelessly to help you move efficiently toward a positive settlement and a more constructive and healthier life going forward. He will also help you achieve an amicable solution with your spouse, allowing you to retain your dignity as well as receive a favorable outcome to your case.


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