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Over the past few years, Florida has been experiencing an unprecedented broadening of its construction market with retail development, commercial build-outs, industrial renovations, new home construction and apartment units leading the way. A housing shortfall in some counties has caused market conditions to experience a housing crisis but many other areas are experiencing rapid development, sales and growth. According to the latest census bureau forecasts, Florida’s population is expected to grow over 1.4 million between 2015 and 2019 making it one of the fastest growing states in the country. Unfortunately, with this expanded growth and development come a price tag, and civil court filings that deal with construction issues are at an all-time high. In the past, Florida courts have had a legal policy of a “buyer beware “rule making buyers and sellers responsible for identifying building defects and construction shortfalls. The law didn’t lend itself to any remedies if an unsuspecting buyer didn’t identify issues with their housing purchased from a home builder. The Florida courts have since revised the rules and buyers of newly constructed homes, houses and condominiums have a right to expect their purchase to be free of defects and sloppy workmanship. The law states that an implied warranty, (Gable v. Silver, 258 So.2d 11 (Fla. 4th DCA) between the contractor and the purchaser is in effect and that the buyer is entitled to purchase a product, free of defects, including design, construction, building materials used and components included. Construction law is a very complicated field and there are many issues consumers face in dealing with problem arising from a construction project or a new home sale. Most homebuilders and general contractors have access to legal help from competent construction and business law attorneys. Don’t go it alone. You have one chance at receiving fair and just compensation so choose the right construction law firm that can protect your legal rights.

Representing Professionals in the Construction Industry

There are many legal issues that can arise between contractors, sub-contractors, developers, materials supplier and consumers that involve construction defects, construction liens, construction contracts and faulty construction claims. At Heekin Litigation Group we provide experienced and knowledgeable legal advice and representation in all Construction Law matters. We also work with many different types of professionals in the construction industry, from General Contractor’s to Architects, drafting standard contracts, drafting claims of liens, final payment affidavits and bringing action to resolve a dispute and defending legal actions brought as well. We have a tremendous amount of litigation experience on behalf of businesses who seek a durable and lasting resolution to their legal issues. Our attorneys at Heekin Litigation also understands the importance of protecting professional licenses and the impact a complaint can have on a businesses image and livelihood. There are many reasons to choose the lawyers at Heekin Litigation Group to assist your firm and safeguard your financial interests but none more important than our ability to listen to our clients concerns and need and protect their interests. We provide affordable legal assistance with free, no-obligation consultations and flexible appointments to fit your schedule. Our firm services all of the North Central and North Florida markets and we pride ourselves on taking the legal burdens off your shoulders with expeditious, aggressive legal representation. Give us a call at 904-355-7000 or visit our website at for a complete list of our services, qualifications and experience.   


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