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Have you and your spouse grown apart, seeing things completely differently than when you first fell in love and decided to get married. Maybe you have just decided to call it quits after not being able to find common ground and continue the relationship without disagreement and strife. Many couples today face these and other related marital issues that don’t seem to get better with time. Relationships are tough to manage in today’s fast-paced world. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get married in the State of Florida and just as easy to get divorced. Usually, all it takes is for one partner to declare there are irreconcilable differences in the marriage and the courts after certain processes are fulfilled grant divorces. It’s a shame that more conditions aren’t involved in getting married in the first place so that couples don’t take their marriage for granted. Maybe a more involved process for ending a marriage would give couples additional time and motivation in finding solutions to their apparent difficulties.   

If you have reached a decision to end your marriage or are faced with a divorce action from your spouse, there are legal issues you should be aware that a competent family law attorney can answer. Considering divorce or the breakup of any marriage is one of the most difficult decisions you will face in your life. Compassion, understanding, legal support and counsel is what’s needed most during this frustrating and difficult time. Many family law attorneys in Jacksonville fl are sensitive to the issues one is confronted with. But choosing the right divorce and family law attorney can be a daunting task with so many practicing this field of law. Many divorce attorneys approach couples engaged in a divorce action, from an adversarial position, but managing the conflict within these types of disputes rather than creating it, is a more sophisticated legal approach especially if children are involved. Those affected by separation and/or divorce oftentimes feel things are completely out of control, but having the support of an attorney committed to solving the problems divorce creates allows families to build a durable process for a secured future.

What Kind of Divorce Would You Choose?

At Heekin Litigation Group our lead divorce and family law attorney, Hunter Malin believes that the key to a successful outcome starts with a skilled negotiator that creates reasonable solutions, amicably resolved when possible. For over 25 years Hunter has been committed to finding cost-effective solutions for his clients. Equitable settlements avoid lengthy and costly litigation and allow divorcing couples to choose whether they want control of the division of their assets or if unable to find common ground leave those decisions up to a judge to decide. These types of collaborative divorces uncomplicate matters and allow the divorcing parties to resolve their issues in a shorter period of time. Hunter is a committed family law and divorce attorney that believes the mediation process helps couples find that common ground to resolve their differences. His compassionate consultations are always free because he wants to hear your story, protect your legal rights and devise a plan to achieve the outcome you deserve. Hunter assists clients with all aspects of family law including contested and uncontested divorce settlements, alimony, the establishment of paternity, child support and custody issues, modifications, annulments, property division, prenuptial agreements, military divorce. domestic violence cases and adoption. We have helped 100’s of clients involved in a family law dispute or divorce proceeding and believe that by leaving no stone unturned, our clients have the best chance for a successful outcome. Give Hunter Malin and Heekin Litigation Group a call today at 904-355-7000 for a no-obligation, free initial consultation.


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