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COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Construction

The construction industry in general, from suppliers to contractors, to property managers and developers, has not yet seen the full effect of the coronavirus outbreak as has the retail and foodservice sectors of our economy. Many businesses are facing completely new challenges and are exploring ways to keep their doors open with reduced staff, providing limited services and declining customer revenues. For the construction industry as a whole, what is becoming more and more evident is that as the number of people becomes infected or as the economy becomes less and less stable, pressures on the building industry will inevitably impact ongoing construction projects. COVID-19 is disrupting all aspects of work and leisure life as we know it. Many peripheral industries like real estate, mortgage lenders, banking and title companies for both commercial and residential applications are all seeing declines in their businesses. The question now becomes, will contractors be able to complete work in a timely manner or will projects ultimately face delays, temporary closures or even possible terminations. As a general rule, construction contracts require a contractor to perform all work in a timely fashion until the project is completed or face potential damages. If you are a contractor you may have a question about the specific performance of any contracts you are engaged in and what protections, if any are available against possible projects being impacted by this virus outbreak. Heekin Law, P.A., a Florida Construction Law Specialist, has extensive experience in identifying and limiting client exposure due to issues like these and other types of problems that may arise due to the unique circumstances we now face. Geoff Heekin and Hunter Malin, principal partners, are construction law attorneys practicing in all of Central and North Florida. We represent defendants and claimants in many actions including but not limited to: construction agreements, construction liens, construction defects, licensing, non-performance/completion, construction delays, subcontractor agreements and breach of construction contracts. Our diversified practice also includes all aspects of business law, from transactional services to litigation. In most construction matters there can be many parties involved such as architects, engineers, property owners, property developers, general contractors and sub and many more affiliated parties. The practice of construction law is a highly specialized and unique legal practice that involves specific laws and regulations that pertain to the construction industry.

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At Heekin Law, P.A. our practice is centered around resolving disputes quickly and creating durable outcomes for our clients. We understand that the handling of construction issues are not only financially sensitive due to the size and scope of construction projects, but often require immediate dispute resolution to put back in place ongoing projects affecting numerous parties. With more than 85 years of shared construction law experience, our attorneys have amounted a record of positive results and satisfied clients throughout the State of Florida. Experienced and skilled negotiators, tested trial attorneys who seek amicable resolutions but are prepared to argue in local, state and federal court to resolve any construction dispute if necessary. Give us a call in our Jacksonville office today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We want to hear your story and protect your legal rights. Call us at 904-355-7000. Visit our website at Jax-Law.Com for a complete list of our services and qualifications.


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