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It’s been over 12 years since the 2007-08 market crash, which significantly affected commercial as well as residential building starts all across America. Florida was not immune to the economic downturn which caused building prices to fall and forced foreclosures in unprecedented numbers. Not only did financial markets around the world lose almost 30% of their value, but whole sectors of the construction industry also suffered setbacks involving everything from material handlers, architects and contractors to venture capital investors and especially the number of available buyers. As many areas of the country struggled to regain their pre-collapse building positions, specific areas especially Florida managed better than expected performance and faster recovery. North Florida has prospered over the recent years with its available housing inventories, coupled with steady population growth and modest pricing. As construction increases to match demand, the United States housing market according to ApartmentGuide.Com is nearing its highest value ever. North Florida is benefiting from many factors including the migration of families from over-priced, over-taxed states like New York and New Jersey and building permit increases are on the rise. According to the newest building permit data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, many areas of the country are seeing a windfall explosion in both permits issued and housing prices and value increases. In what is being called the “New Construction Boom Towns”, Jacksonville made the metropolitan area’s top 20 list for issuing the most building permits for residential units in 2019.  As populations swell and new family homes and apartments at being constructed at alarming rates, commercial property development and business expansions are an inevitable outcome. With all this commercial and residential building activity it is no wonder that the construction industry is expanding with new general contractor licensing and new sub-contractor start-ups. With all this construction activity it’s also not surprising that construction disputes are on the rise that the need for competent construction law attorneys in Jacksonville Fl offering advice is now more important than ever before.

What to Consider when Choosing a Construction Law Attorney

Attorneys that practice construction law should be in most cases professionally trained and highly skilled in all aspects of the construction industry and its processes. North Florida has become a mecca for building development of both commercial and residential projects on an enormous scale. According to the most recent articles published in the Jacksonville Business Journal, a tremendous optimism exists among business owners who expect their businesses to increase profits in 2020.  A sizeable number of these businesses in the metropolitan area of Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine plan on expanding their facilities or adding additional locations to meet the growing needs of consumers. At Heekin Law, P.A. we are experienced in all matters of construction law and have successfully, arbitrated, litigated and mediated disputes between various parties. Offering transactional as well as litigation services, it can be said that Heekin Law, P.A. speaks construction. Geoff Heekin and Hunter Malin, Heekin Law, P.A.’s principle construction law attorneys provide legal counsel for all types of construction law issues including bid disputes, ambiguities between plans and specifications, partial performance issues, warranty issues, job delays, filing notices and demands, improperly documented extras or change orders, bond and lien claims, and contractual issues. We provide individualized legal assistance to anyone facing a dispute with any aspect of construction, architect, material supplier, contractor, sub-contractor, owner or buyer. Our cost-effective representation is skilled at providing durable and successful outcomes for our clients facing disputes. Give us a call at 904-355-7000 for a free consultation. We service clients in all of North Florida including Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Johns County, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, and the Central Florida markets including The Villages. 


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