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The legal practice of business and construction law in Jacksonville Fl is as sophisticated, complex and specialized as legal disciplines go. Most attorneys practicing today concentrate their efforts on either criminal defense, marital and family law or what is referred to as plaintiff tort law. Many times, these types of cases involve an automobile, motorcycle, truck, product, company or situation that caused harm or loss to an individual. In business and construction law, plaintiffs, those individuals or businesses who were harmed can bring legal action, due to what is referred to as a Legal Injury. These can include economic, emotional, or damage sustained to a reputation. The harmed party(s) can recover damages through mediation or a lawsuit. These specialized fields of law are largely practiced by attorneys who have comprehensive knowledge in business and business law.

Construction law attorneys can represent anyone involved in any stage of a construction project including, contractors, developers, sub-contractor, material handlers and suppliers, architects, designers, and even property owners. Construction lawyers assist in everything from drafting and reviewing contracts, fulfilling regulatory guidelines, bringing and defending construction liens and defects, issues that include non-performance, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and provide legal counsel and defense to businesses facing administrative action. Many of these types of cases are extremely intricate and it takes judgment, experience, and attention to detail to be a successful business law and construction law attorney. Because many business law transactions are accomplished outside the courtroom, when the threat of litigation appears, many companies might not choose their business law attorney in an adversarial role. When this happens finding the right business law attorney with experience in litigation is paramount to success. At Heekin Litigation Group we are fortunate to practice both transactional laws; drafting contracts, advice and legal counsel, and litigation law: those prepared and experienced to file motions, conduct depositions and bring or defend actions in court. Geoff Heekin and Hunter Malin have between them over 70 years of business and construction law experience, providing assistance to individuals and businesses from both a transactional and litigation position.

Why Consider Heekin Litigation Group as Your Personal Business Attorney

If you are in need of competent and knowledgeable business law or construction law attorneys that practice transactional law, as well as litigation, your search ends here. Heekin Litigation Group’s knowledge, business training, and legal experience is the cornerstone of our business law and construction law practice. Geoff Heekin, Hunter Malin, and an exceptional legal staff have created durable and long-lasting relationships with thousands of clients. Safeguarding your legal and business interests is our primary concern, and achieving successful outcomes to any dispute, our goal. At Heekin Litigation Group we provide a cost-effective legal remedy to all aspects of commercial, construction, and business law issues. We represent individuals and businesses seeking solutions to their legal problems. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can put our extensive legal knowledge to work for you. Call us at 904-355-7000 or visit our website @ Jax-Law.Com for a complete list of our extensive legal services. From the Central Florida area to the Georgia State Line, Heekin Litigation Group provides personalized service and representation customized to fit your legal needs.


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