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Impact of COVID-19 on Child Support Payments

As if having our lives changed due to this COVID-19 pandemic isn’t enough, many parents who are responsible for child support payments are having a hard time making ends meet and keeping up with their payments. Even parents who are still employed are in many cases making considerably less money today than they were before…

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COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Construction

The construction industry in general, from suppliers to contractors, to property managers and developers, has not yet seen the full effect of the coronavirus outbreak as has the retail and foodservice sectors of our economy. Many businesses are facing completely new challenges and are exploring ways to keep their doors open with reduced staff, providing…

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Construction Law Attorneys on Your Side

It’s been over 12 years since the 2007-08 market crash, which significantly affected commercial as well as residential building starts all across America. Florida was not immune to the economic downturn which caused building prices to fall and forced foreclosures in unprecedented numbers. Not only did financial markets around the world lose almost 30% of…

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