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At Heekin Law we pride ourselves on providing legal representation and guidance on a complete line of real estate law services including: residential, commercial, mortgage, reverse mortgage, equity line and refinance closings, foreclosure defense, real property title search, title problems/defect resolution, builder and developer representation and handle landlord/tenant disputes. Additionally, there are cross-over legal services…

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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The legal practice of landlord-tenant law is a highly specialized and technical legal field usually practiced by real estate attorneys. Under Florida law, both landlords and tenants have specific legal responsibilities and obligations to each other. To avoid disputes it is important for both entities to understand their rights and if issues insure hire a…

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HOA and COA Representation

With all the added security concerns evolving today, it’s not surprising that many developers, builders, and land use architects are designing private neighborhoods and planned communities as private associations with property owner covenants and restrictions. Many of these planned communities, subdivisions, or neighborhoods are without gated security structures but still retain all the characteristics of…

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What to Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

If you are a commercial investor, commercial property owner expanding your footprint or you are branching out of the residential real estate market and into the commercial arena, then there are specific issues that need to be taken into consideration that is unique to commercial real estate transactions in the State of Florida. First and…

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Why Would Someone Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Many people are still under the impression that a real estate attorney practices their craft during real estate transactions, drafting real estate contracts and documents, and are usually found at closings. That is still true in many states in the country and up until a few years ago, was even a common practice in the…

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Real Estate Issues and Legal Remedies

If you have recently made a real estate purchase in the State of Florida, a new home, commercial property, or land, and have incurred a problem after the transaction has been completed, you are certainly not alone. The current market conditions with higher-than-expected values, low inventories, attractive interest rates, and multiple buyers in many instances,…

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Litigating mold lawsuits

Mold Damage Because of the expense of remediation, and the health concerns it engenders, the appearance of black mold in a new building often leads to intense litigation over who is responsible. It is commonly known that mold thrives in moist, unventilated areas. But it is another thing credibly pinpointing the actual causes of toxic…

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Rent disputes with tenants

Rent disputes are not uncommon for property owners to encounter. When your tenant stops paying rent, there are certain actions you can take to receive payment. However, there are also strict laws that protect tenants. It is important that when trying to either receive rent money or evict your tenant, you follow standard and legal…

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