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Marriage and the Spread of Covid-19

Questions in the media are arising about marriages and the effects COVID-19 has had and is going to have on these relationships in the near future. According to a University of Virginia sociologist, W. Bradford Wilcox, this pandemic will leave the average marriage in this country stronger as couples strive to find common ground while…

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Have You Been Served with Divorce Papers Unexpectedly?

Many modern couples today are experience all different types of marital issues with some brought on by factors like the current Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, aging, children leaving the home or just growing and developing emotionally in separate ways. When couples are contemplating divorce, many times discussions and decisions about breaking up don’t move fast…

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Is COVID-19 Affecting Stay-at-Home Parents

Amongst all of the turmoil and societal upheaval being caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a question is arising whether or not stay at home couples and parents are getting weary, restless and in some cases even anxious from all the pressures this event is causing. In some quarters this is becoming known as the viral…

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Is COVID-19 Affecting Marriages

As if the outbreak and spreading of this potentially deadly disease were not enough, with increased pressures added to the home front, many couples are considering whether their relationships are strong enough to even withstand COVID-19. State issued closings of schools, churches, restaurants, retail centers, recreational venues like beaches and public parks, even golf courses,…

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Jacksonville’s Most Trusted Family Law Attorneys

Experienced Counsel, Compassionate Representation for Individuals and Families Almost every family law matter that is presented to the court involves a complex issue that only an experienced and tested litigator would have the skill to resolve swiftly. With so much at stake in almost all divorce, child support and custody cases, modifications, the establishment of…

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Jacksonville Child Support and Custody Attorneys

If you are dealing with a divorce and children are involved, this can be the most stressful and uncertain time of your life and the life of a child. You both may have many unanswered questions about how your lives will play out going forward and you as the parent, may not be able to…

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Change in Custody or Child Support

If you are considering or are facing a divorce action and children are involved, you will encounter many challenges least of which may be deciding which parent is available for offering care. Divorces are extremely difficult events to emotionally handle for most parties involved. What was a commonplace occurrence of daily routines, is suddenly disrupted…

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Parental Visitation During Holiday Season

Family Law Attorneys Near Me If the title of this article has any relevance to your current marital condition, chances are you are either considering divorce or have been served with an action and need competent legal representation from a qualified marital and family law attorney. Thousands of married couples go through similar issues every…

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Divorce Settlements Are No Accident

If you are among the thousands of Floridians who each year seek and are granted a divorce, you know how critical your choice is in selecting the right family law and divorce attorney to represent your interests. Most divorcing couples, who are unable to reconcile their differences know the courts will grant them a divorce…

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Divorce – Modern, Innovative Solutions

Contested & Un-Contested Have you and your spouse grown apart, seeing things completely differently than when you first fell in love and decided to get married. Maybe you have just decided to call it quits after not being able to find common ground and continue the relationship without disagreement and strife. Many couples today face…

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