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What is Meant by a Full-Service Commercial Law Firm?

In the minds of most businessmen and women, the practice of commercial or business law is a highly specialized field of law that includes many legal facets from transactional contract development to litigation services. As a general rule business law attorneys are well-versed in the laws governing the establishment and operations of a business entity…

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Starting a Jacksonville Business

If you are thinking about starting a business in these very challenging times and not really sure of the advantages and disadvantages of creating one of the different types of entity selection available, we have some very good news for you. At Heekin Law, P.A. we help business owners in choosing the right type of…

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The Importance of Having an Experienced Business Law Attorney

The practice of business law is made up of many complex and diverse types of legal disciplines including but not limited to: commercial law, construction law, HOA and COA association representation, real estate law, commercial estate and succession planning, and appellate law. There are also 2 distinct commercial law processes, as in transactional business law…

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Business Attorneys for Those Starting a New Business

Business and commercial law is a highly specialized field of law only a limited number of attorneys practice as compared to personal injury and criminal defense work. Most full-service business law firms provide a litany of business-related legal services including business litigation or representation for disputes involving contracts, non-compete agreements, insurance policies and claims that…

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Legal Issues Facing Jacksonville Businesses That Re-Open During COVID-19

Most areas of the country are beginning the process of opening their business doors after required closures and in many regions, mandated stay-at-home-orders are being relaxed putting people back to work and in-person shopping. As these businesses start opening back up, especially in the retail and foodservice sectors, mandates for occupancy and social distancing have…

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Jacksonville Commercial Lawyers

Questions arise all the time about what does a commercial lawyer do, and who can benefit most from their unique legal talents and services. Commercial or Business law attorneys specialize in legal matters that pertain to all different types of businesses including commercial entities, construction firms, homeowner associations, and real estate transactions and disputes. Business…

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Commercial Disputes

One of the biggest challenges to hit the global financial markets in recent years has been the induction of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses, supply chain disruption, employment, and contractual fulfillment have all been adversely affected, hopefully in the short term, putting commercial entities at risk and in many cases, disputes. Meeting contractual obligations during state-sponsored…

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Jacksonville Commercial Law Attorneys

In any commercial enterprise, construction business, retail location, hospitality industry, or even an online digital business, owners and stakeholders have many difficult and varied issues to contend with. From procurement, financing, employment, and general managerial issues to internal and external contract disputes, all have the potential of disrupting or derailing a company causing financial loss…

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Protecting Business Intellectual Properties

One of the many reoccurring concerns Jacksonville businesses contend with is the protection of intellectual properties from being stolen, shared, downloaded, or transferred to unreliable sources many work-from-home employees have access to. The new Covid-19 processes being adopted by many companies may have more far-reaching implications than currently realized.  Present are the new security risks…

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Coronavirus: Legal, Business and Social Implications

For the time being, it looks like COVID-19 is going to affect almost every aspect of American life: from the home front to the Business and Office fronts, Commercial and Residential Real Estate sectors, ongoing Construction Projects and even Marital and Family Law issues. Many people have questions regarding the legal, business and even social…

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