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Case Results

Some of Our Jacksonville, FL Law Firm's Case Results 

Represented an environmental science company who was hired to perform a phase one evaluation of an approximate 1,000 acre tract of land in West Jacksonville for a developer who was considering developing the uplands. The phase one audit was completed, which involved a rough estimate of the number of upland acres versus wetlands on the proposed development tract. The developer placed a nonrefundable deposit of over $1,000,000.00 with the seller of the property and then hired my client to do a phase two audit - - which actually involved creating a visible line on the property delineating uplands versus wetlands for the entire 1,000 acre tract. When the analysis of the amount of uplands available for development greatly decreased from the phase one estimate, the developer sued our environmental consultant. We obtained a defense verdict totally exonerating our client and defeating the developer's claim for damages of over $1,000,000.00.

Represented a restaurant owner who leased a waterfront restaurant building adjacent to the intercostal waterway. Landlord claimed over twenty various and sundry defaults of the lease agreement and attempted to evict our tenant client. Our client counterclaimed seeking damages for the landlord's wrongful failure to approve the assignment of the restaurant lease to a proposed purchaser of our client's restaurant business. After a four day jury trial, the jury ruled against the landlord on each of the allegations of default, and ruled for our restaurant tenant on his claim for damages, awarding our client approximately $170,000.00 in damages.

Our client, a part time resident of an ocean front condominium at the beaches, owned a unit which sustained damage in the 2004 hurricanes which passed through Jacksonville. Despite requesting the association to secure the common areas (roof) which were damaged in the hurricane and which allowed water intrusion into our client's condominium, the association failed to do so. After a multiple day jury trial, the jury awarded our client its damages, which had then been aggravated due to mold and mildew intrusion into the unit since the date of the initial water intrusion on account of the association's failure to timely act. Our client was also entitled to an award of attorneys' fees and costs incurred in the litigation.

Represented a general contractor and a subcontractor against a large home developer in St. Augustine, Florida, who breached a contract with the general contractor and failed to pay both the general contractor and the subcontractor. After a five day jury trial, the jury ruled in each of our clients' favors, and returned a verdict awarding our clients more money than they originally sought.

Collected over $1.4 million dollars in unpaid homeowners' association assessments, charges, fees and costs over a five year period of time on behalf of a homeowner's association located in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Obtained a judgment for $56,000.00 on behalf of a residential landlord against a tenant who breached a three-year lease agreement in Duval County, Florida. We prevailed on summary judgment without having to go to trial. The judge awarded our client all of his attorneys' fees and costs.

Obtained a defense verdict in favor of insurance client against a claim made by insured on a disability policy. The jury found that the insured's injury was caused by a pre-existing condition and that the denial of coverage was appropriate. Subsequently obtained an attorneys' fees award in favor of insurance client against insured.

Obtained judgment in excess of $1,100,000 in civil theft action on behalf of employer against former bookkeeper. After the jury verdict was returned in favor of our client, the Judge awarded the client its attorneys' fees and costs incurred in the action.

Represented a franchisee against franchisor in response to a Motion for Temporary and Permanent Injunctive Relief brought by the Franchisor in an effort to close down franchisee's franchise. Successfully defended the Motion for Temporary Injunctive Relief and franchisor subsequently abandoned its action for Permanent Injunctive Relief.

Represented a former franchisee against his former franchisor in a suit filed by the franchisor to enforce a non-compete agreement. Successfully defended the franchisee against a Motion for Temporary Injunction which aimed to close the franchisee's business.

Represented the seller of heavy machinery who was sued by the Purchaser. The purchaser raised numerous Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) claims and we were able to successfully get the lawsuit dismissed at the trial court level which was later upheld on appeal.

Represented a pool contractor who was sued for alleged construction defects. However, the jury vindicated our client with a verdict finding no fault.

We represented the purchaser of residential property who was sued by a broker for unpaid real estate commissions. On appeal, the Fifth DCA in a reported decision held that the broker was not the procuring cause of sale and that our client did not owe the broker a commission.

We represented a logistics company which sued to recover amounts owed to it. While the case was pending in Circuit Court, the Defendant filed for bankruptcy relief in an effort to preclude our client from pursuing its claims. We pursued the Defendant in bankruptcy court by objecting to the Defendant's bankruptcy discharge on the grounds that the claim owed to our client was based on fraud and conversion. The Bankruptcy Court, in a reported decision, agreed that our client's claims were based on fraud and conversion and ruled that the Defendant was not entitled to discharge the debt he owed to our client.

We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client for breach of a business agreement. We obtained a Judgment in excess of $300,000.00 on our client's behalf. After we obtained the Judgment, the Defendant filed for bankruptcy relief in an effort to avoid the Judgment entirely. Despite the bankruptcy filing and efforts to completely avoid paying anything to our client, we were able to obtain a lump sum payment of approximately half of the Judgment amount for our client.

We filed a Complaint seeking a jury trial on issues involving securities fraud. The broker sought to compel arbitration and we defeated that Motion both in Circuit Court and in the Appellate Court. Because the case remained pending in Court, subject to a jury trial, and was not forced into arbitration, the value of our client's claim was higher.

We represented a business owner who contributed over a million dollars in a lawsuit filed by someone claiming to be our client's business partner. Although the person claiming to be a business partner was employed by and did work for the company, he did not contribute financially to the business venture. The State Court entered Summary Judgment in favor of our client, finding that the other party had no ownership interest in our client's business.


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