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Civil RICO

Jacksonville Civil RICO Defense Attorneys

Many people associate the term RICO solely with criminals and criminal laws.  However, both Florida and Federal statutes allow private citizens to institute Civil RICO actions.   For example, a Civil RICO action may exist where an individual alleges that a business engaged in and benefited from bribery, extortion, kickbacks, wire or mail fraud, money laundering, illegal gambling or other criminal activities.

Florida’s Civil RICO statute is set forth in Section 772.103, Florida Statutes.  The Federal Civil RICO statute is set forth at 8 U.S.C. Section 1962.  Both Florida and Federal Civil RICO statutes authorize plaintiffs to recover treble damages, which means that a plaintiff could potentially recover three-times his or her actual amount of damages.

All Florida business owners should be aware of the Civil RICO statutes and understand that legitimate business owners may be accused of violating Civil RICO laws.  However, in order for a plaintiff to prevail in a Civil RICO action in the State of Florida, the plaintiff must prove his or her case by clear and convincing evidence.

In order for a plaintiff to prove his or her case, a plaintiff must prove that the business is engaged in an enterprise and that certain predicate racketeering acts occurred.  Allegations of predicate racketeering acts may include bribery, extortion, kickbacks, wire or mail fraud, money laundering, illegal gambling or other criminal activities.  Additionally, in order to prove that a Florida business owner has violated the Civil RICO statute, the plaintiff must also be able to prove a pattern of wrongdoing that is ongoing.

Why Choose Heekin Law, P.A.

Accusations of Civil RICO violations can be devastating to legitimate Florida business owners.  Business owners need competent legal counsel and aggressive representation to defend against baseless Civil RICO claims.  The attorneys at Heekin Law, P.A. are experienced commercial and business litigation attorneys that handle many different types of complex commercial and business litigation disputes in both state and federal court.  We commonly represent business owners in aggressively defending against claims of wrongdoing.

If you are a Florida business owner and a lawsuit has been filed against you for violation of Florida or Federal Civil RICO laws, you should seek representation from a competent commercial and business litigation attorney right away.

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