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Commercial Defamation

Jacksonville Business Defamation and Disparagement Attorneys

Is your company, business reputation or brand under attack from former employees, ex-business partners and spouses, competitors, or others posting fraudulent reviews and making false accusations, claims or other libelous and unfounded statements? Business men and women’s livelihood, commercial investments and competitive strength rely upon a positive reputation to succeed in business. Those that seek to destroy that reputation with inflammatory or fraudulent statements pose a very real threat. Commercial defamation and disparagement is a serious matter that can affect you, your business, employees, customers and potential clients. Defamation or disparagement can exist in many forms including negative or fraudulent internet postings and reviews, social media blogs, competitive advertisements, news articles, trade journals, magazine publications, letters and even emails. Defamation of character can also be made orally in public meetings, to professional or trade organizations, or wherever there is an audience that could choose not to do business with you as a result of hearing negative and unfounded oral statements.

Don’t take these defamatory statements lightly. At Heekin Law, P.A., we have attorneys that are experienced in dealing with all kinds of defamation and disparagement, including internet and electronically transferred instant messaging services. With the advent of the internet, communication on a broad scale has become such an instantaneous occurrence that many times accusations or fraudulent statements are made without an opportunity to oppose those statements. Comments can be posted, reviewed and even taken down after the damage has been inflicted. Commercial defamation is a specialized legal field requiring a thorough investigation followed by quick, decisive prosecution. It is important to hire an experienced attorney familiar with the changing law involving internet publications as well as the damages available in defamation cases. Attorneys also need to be experienced and knowledgeable in discovering and protecting evidence of disparagement that has been shared online. Internet services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter typically have terms of service prohibiting the posting of defamatory, inaccurate and/or fraudulent statements and accusations.

Product Disparagement or Trade Libel

Making false or deceptive statements about a business’s products or goods can be damaging to a business’ reputation and product offerings. Slander of this kind, if left unaddressed or curtailed, will only serve to adversely affect the business’s bottom line. At Heekin Law, P.A., we are experienced in handling all aspects of commercial defamation including trade libel. This includes when businesses disparage their competitor’s goods or products in any form including competitive advertising, unsafe product claims, or claims alleging that certain products contain dangerous ingredients. Additionally, making false statements about a business’s economic condition, i.e., bankruptcy, going out of business, defrauding clients or embezzling money, is also grounds for a trade libel action.

Why Hire Heekin Law, P.A.

In Florida, the statute of limitations for bringing an action for libel or slander is two years.  This means that you have to file a civil action for commercial disparagement, defamation, or trade libel within two years from the date of the incident or discovery of the wrong committed. At Heekin Law, P.A., we believe attorneys should be hired to bring swift resolution to all civil matters especially ones that involve a commercial disparagement or libelous posting. It is important to quickly contain any damage done by defamatory statements or postings made that could adversely affect a business’s reputation, productivity or product offerings. At Heekin Law, P.A., we have extensive experience in all aspects of Business and Commercial Law including: Commercial Disparagement and Defamation. We provide affordable legal assistance and have a hands-on approach to our clients no matter their respective legal issues. That ongoing relationship has served our mutual interest well over the years and we are proud of our record of successful defenses. If you feel you are the victim of commercial disparagement or defamation, we would be happy to help you resolve your case. Please give us a call at 904-355-7000 for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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