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Business Law

Jacksonville Business Law Attorneys Dedicated To Success

If you are contemplating a business startup, purchasing an existing business, or expanding your current business through a merger or acquisition, you need to consider hiring a professional business law attorney so you can make educated choices in protecting the assets you have worked so hard to obtain. At Heekin Law, P.A. we specialize in all aspects of transactional business law services including business formations, entity selection, contract drafting and review, non-compete agreements, partnership, limited liability corporations, and sole proprietorships. We understand it takes more than just having a good idea for a business to be successful and that the foundational tools of well-executed documents protect the legal workings of a business from harm and costly litigation.

The legal discipline of commercial and business law is a highly specialized field of law practiced successfully by only experienced and trained professional lawyers. In today’s complex business world, success starts with making legal decisions that will protect as well as promote your business interests. At Heekin Law, P.A. we have over 40 years of shared business and commercial law experience offering both transaction and litigation legal services.

Commercial and Business Litigation Services

At Heekin Law, P.A. our name says it all when it comes to resolving commercial disputes. Our proactive approach focuses on solving an array of business disputes in a wide and diverse variety of industries within all local, state, federal, and appellate courts in Florida. We believe in a different approach to business dispute resolution because we understand that after the dispute has been resolved, many business relationships should continue and flourish. Many times, a potential client believes that litigation is their only way to successfully resolve an issue. This approach, while aggressive, can damage a potentially beneficial relationship where settlement through a pre-suit resolution negotiation might seek to benefit both parties. Our skilled attorneys can oftentimes reach a mutually beneficial outcome without the need for costly litigation. We are, on the other hand, prepared, equipped, and trial-ready to pursue whatever legal avenues are available to us to seek a just and fair resolution for our clients. When facing a business dispute, breach of contract, partnership or shareholder dispute, intellectual property dispute, defending a non-compete agreement, unfair competitive claim, or even an employment law dispute, our collective goal is to resolve the matter successfully and ensure the long-term prosperity of the business.

Asset Protection Strategy

Building assets takes time, successful planning, and making the right choices in a business’s growth. At Heekin Law, P.A., we have assembled a diverse group of highly skilled attorneys and an experience legal staff that make up a formidable legal team to help guide you in protecting those assets in an ethical and legal manner. We understand that during the life of any business, attacks can come from many sources including partners, former employees, frivolous claims, creditors, landlords, current and former spouses, and even children. The best overall asset protection plan includes many well-tailored and diverse strategies based on your individual goals and may include a preventative risk management component. Please refer to our Estate Planning section of this website for more details. We also believe in having a holistic planning approach that includes working closely with tax and financial advisors to ensure your asset protection matches up with your estate planning and business succession planning. We even have a great deal of legal knowledge and experience in helping to construct a business succession strategy reducing potential disputes between the involved parties and giving clear financial direction in the event of the principle’s death, disability, or mental incapacitation. This plan should include guidance on the sale of assets, understanding tax liabilities and duties to other principles, shareholders, and partners even after a transfer of ownership.

Why You Should Choose Heekin Law, P.A.

As a commercial and business law attorney law firm, we know that great ideas and efficient marketing strategies may make a business stand out, but what really allows a business to rise above its competition and thrive is the effective handling of its day-to-day business law issues it may face. From entity selection, contract formation to dispute resolution for all parties concerned, having an available and proven, cost-effective legal resource is essential in today’s business environment.

At Heekin Law, P.A. we are dedicated to handle and resolve all legal matters a business may face in the course of its business life. Our commercial attorneys have over 40 years of shared business law experience that our clients have come to rely on. We specialize in all types of business entities including: Retail, Commercial, Construction, HOA and COA’s, Real Estate, and Estate and Succession Planning. We have numerous long-term relationships with clients who almost regard us as in-house counsel without the expense. We customize our representation and approach to each individual client’s needs, aspirations, and goals. Though our physical offices are in Jacksonville Florida we service clients throughout the state.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations and are eager to learn how we may assist you in your current or future business endeavors. Give us a call at 904-355-7000 or complete our online form below.


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