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Forming a Business Entity?

One of the most important and prudent aspects of owning a business is to have competent, reliable legal services available to thwart off problems before they develop. Business law is a very specialized legal discipline that most attorneys do not attempt to practice because it requires not only considerable business knowledge but understanding how the laws and rules governing business practices and procedures operate. One of the most overlooked aspects of business start-ups, especially when partners are involved is creating durable operating agreements that define many aspects and responsibilities the entities will share. Having an agreement with a clear division of roles can address managing the day to day operations, create trust and avoid conflict down the road. Often times, business partners operate under the assumption that they will continue to communicate in an open and friendly environment and do not anticipate conflicts of opinions, how mistakes will be rectified or how to effectively navigate a growing business. Verbal agreements in most cases do not address these issues and having a tangible document from the start puts into clear perspective the issues and challenges owners might face. Most business partners start off with shared visions, but over time these can change causing what proves to become irreconcilable differences, disagreement, and hardship. Businesses oftentimes suffer at the hands of the very stewards whose sole responsibility is to promote growth and profit. At Heekin Litigation Group we believe in being proactive in all aspects of business formations. From entity selection to drafting partnerships, shareholder, membership agreements and operating contracts. We even have the experience to create employment and non-compete contracts and design employee handbooks that outline company rules and procedures.

Why Choose Heekin Litigation Group?

In today’s business world, having a legal partner committed to handling all legal issues a business might encounter is not only prudent but a sensible step towards promoting business success and growth. At Heekin Litigation Group, our business law attorneys have more than 70 years of shared legal experience representing businesses throughout Florida. We believe the best way to avoid costly legal entanglements that may develop in the life of a business is to take a proactive approach when forming a business. Many times, success depends upon the legal assistance one receives from the outset, whether reviewing documents, negotiating contracts or resolving the intricacies of partnership agreements. If you are considering a new business venture, buying a franchise or purchasing an existing business, Heekin Litigation Group is eager to learn about your business and how we can be part of its success. Our customized legal approach focuses on the business goals and objectives of our individual clients. We are experienced in all aspects of business formations; from raising capital, managing risk, regulatory compliance and implementing best practices. Our cumulative business and legal experience is second to none. Commercial transactions are part of the backbone of our extensive legal practice and personalized solutions are tailored to fit industry and client needs. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation in our office in Jacksonville Florida. 904-355-7000. Visit our website for a complete list of our qualifications and services @ Jax-Law.Com

Free Consultations About Commercial Law Matters

In every case, we customize our representation to our client’s business and industry. We are efficient, flexible and adept at personalizing solutions based on each client’s individual needs.

We are eager to learn about your business and how we can help make it more successful. Call us at 904-355-8633 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

The Commercial/Corporate Transactional Practice focuses on the business objectives of our clients. We utilize the depth of our experience and resources to help clients achieve their goals notwithstanding the constantly changing business landscape.

From raising capital, to doing deals, to complying with regulations, to managing risk, to implementing best practices, our cumulative experience is extraordinary, and our commitment to service is unmatched.

Free Consultations About Business Formation

Are you starting a new business from scratch? Are you opening a franchise or buying an existing business? Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you make it a success. Call us at 904-355-7000 or complete the form below to schedule a free consultation.


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