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Business Law Attorneys In The Villages

The Villages, as a community, is one of the fastest growing and most developed areas of Florida per square mile. Located in the central part of the state and only a short distance from Ocala, The Villages enjoys providing an adult 55+ retirement setting complete with a downtown business community, retail shops, residential neighborhoods, recreational areas and golf and country club amenities. Most of its inhabitants are retirees seeking a casual atmosphere where they can enjoy the twilight of their years in a warm, sunny climate exposed to limited crime and surrounded by a planned community structure that is pretty much self-contained.  But even in this newly evolved development concept, legal issues do arise and many involve Construction Law issues, Property Rights issues, Commercial and Business Contractual issues and Homeowner, Condo or Commercial Property Association violations. There are only a limited number of business and commercial law practices that assist both businesses and consumers in matters ranging from contract disputes to resolving complex legal disputes. Most of these types of commercial law practices specialize in both litigation and transactional (general law) legal services. Litigation attorneys provide businesses with representation when a business is being sued by someone; when a business  needs to collect money owed; in resolving breach of contracts and agreements; and in drafting and enforcing non-compete agreements. They provide legal representation when clients believe litigation is likely, imminent or where litigation has begun. Some examples of commercial litigation services might include pre-suit negotiation and settlements, pre-suit meditation or arbitration.

On the other hand, transactional legal services, or what might be called general legal services, include assisting businesses with choosing the proper type of entity and name; developing articles of organization and corporate filings with the state; drafting governing documents; and general contract review and drafting. Because this is such a specialized field of law, few legal practitioners have the experience, knowledge and ability to provide these types of legal services in every town or hamlet in the state.

Heekin Litigation Group

For many years, Heekin Litigation Group of Jacksonville, Florida has been representing clients in legal disputes throughout the State of Florida.  Small communities like The Villages have limited commercial and business law resources.  Therefore, many small communities rely on these types of specialized legal services for attorneys from other towns or cities who are willing to make themselves available. Heekin Litigation Group is one such experienced and knowledgeable commercial law firm. We practice both litigation and transactional or general law for businesses and individuals. The difference between Heekin Litigation Group and many other law firms is we are a full service civil litigation law firm. Instead of having multiple attorneys providing legal counsel and representation for different civil disputes, Heekin Litigation handles a wide variety of cases and legal issues in-house. We provide free consultations to discuss your legal concerns and are available after business hours by appointment. Eighty percent (80%) of our practice involves litigation and twenty percent (20%) is dedicated to general services like contract review and drafting, debt collection and assistance with business formations and non-compete document drafting.

Additionally, Heekin Litigation Group provides construction law services involving Breach of Contract, Drafting Claims of Liens, Construction Defects and Lien Foreclosures. Our Real Property Law division provides legal assistance in matters ranging from drafting and reviewing commercial and residential lease agreements, enforcement, eviction and foreclosures, access disputes and quiet title issues. We even provide Homeowner, Condo, Association and Commercial Property Associations services including general counsel and representation to associations, enforcement of declarations and covenants, collection of unpaid assessments and the drafting of covenant amendments and rules and regulations. We also represent individual homeowners that have disputes against their associations or neighbors for covenant rule violations.

Heekin Litigation Group is an experienced commercial law practice with a tremendous track record for resolving disputes that are both durable and affordable. Give us a call in our Jacksonville Florida office at 904-355-7000 for a free consultation. Please review our website @ Jax-Law.Com for a complete list of our qualifications and services. Heekin Litigation Group is dedicated to the practice of commercial and business law and clients seeking a just resolution to their legal disputes.


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