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The legal practice of commercial litigation or business law which it is commonly referred to, is such a highly specialized field of law that only a handful of attorneys are successfully engaged at practicing it. Jacksonville is blessed with a number of factors that lend support to a business law practice including an expanding market base with ongoing commercial construction, a vibrant and thriving business community, and an ever-increasing population. But what do these business law litigants actually do besides represent plaintiffs and defendants in legal actions within the commercial fields of endeavor? The practice of business law is actually broken up into two specific fields of work, transactional and litigation. Transactional law deals primarily with drafting durable contracts, non-compete agreements, business formations, negotiating disputes, advising clients on all aspects of business law and performing research of current case law and incorporating all of those activities into a legal services structure. Litigation attorneys, in many cases, perform transactional work also but have the knowledge and experience to conduct themselves in all matters that are involved in legal cases seeking resolution. From drafting pleadings or legal documents filed in a lawsuit, complaints, petitions and written arguments to jury selections and appeals, business litigation attorneys specialize in representing many different kinds of business interests. Most business law attorneys represent business owners as well as consumers having grievances with breach of contract and performance issues especially involving the construction Industry. Business law attorneys have to be familiar with both state and federal statutes and procedures. Many Jacksonville business law attorneys also represent homeowner and condo associations and can assist developers with HOA creation, governing documents, declaration of covenants, restrictions, and conditions. In addition, many also handle legal issues involving creditors rights, addressing liens, repossession of goods and collection of consumer, as well as commercial debt.

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Resolving Business Disputes and Issues the Right Way

With more than 70 years of shared business law experience, the attorneys at Heekin Litigation Group have assembled the best legal minds available representing individuals, businesses and community associations. Resolving multifaceted, complex legal matters takes experience and judgment no average law firm can perform. Heekin Litigation Group specializes in all types of commercial litigation involving businesses, small and large including corporate enterprise structures. If you have an issue involving a business dispute, construction agreements, defects, liens or licensing or need assistance with any facet of a business law issues including formations, business and shareholder disputes, and creditor issues, Heekin Litigation Group is a proven and valuable resource. In every case we handle and every business issue we resolve there lies an underlying issue that might have been avoided if sound business judgment had been used in the first place. Our lead attorneys, Geoff Heekin and Hunter Malin have extensive business experience building durable, dispute resolution strategies to ensure the long-term success of your business. We not only have a reputation for it but have a proven track record of successes while still delivering cost-effective results in even our most complex cases.

Weighing Settlement Versus Trial

Not all cases require a rush to court and there can be sound reasons to consider settlement through negotiation that finds a mutually beneficial resolution if a skilled negotiator is involved. At Heekin Litigation Group we have a saying that we “pursue resolution without conflict, but are prepared for conflict”. This adversarial role has a two-edged sword, one where relationships between parties can be maintained and the other where success is the objective above all else. If you have a dispute involving any business issue Heekin Litigation Group stands ready to help you resolve it. Give us a call at 904-355-7000 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Visit our website at for a complete list of our services and credentials.


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