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Most of North Florida is experiencing a kind of renaissance of late in commercial business development sue primarily from our population growth and resurgence in tourism and trade. According to FloridaRealtors.Org, the economic growth Florida is experiencing in 2019 is actually outpacing the nation and is showing continued strong performance. Many adverse conditions exist including devastating hurricane threats, a slowdown in many Caribbean economies and even citrus greening all having an effect on future outcomes. But one of the chief economic indicators, housing starts, are up and even home buying sales are expected to remain steady. Surged by some of the lowest interest rates in years, this trend should continue long into 2020. It is suggested that Florida will remain one of the fastest-growing states in this country and remains extremely broad-based across many locales and industries. Florida has long been a destination for many northerners, providing economic sanctuary from high taxes and long winter weather. Investment properties are an attractive opportunity according to industry resources and many northern states are reporting a decline in income-tax revenues. Florida used to be a state rich with retirees but that model is changing with young to middle-aged entrepreneurs and business owners relocating their families, as well as their businesses to the sunshine state. Many of the new business start-ups, from construction and home improvements, to support services like plumbing, electricians and even real estate investors are really transplants from other areas of the country. These businesses new to Florida are now in need of competent legal services to help them navigate the local and state regulations businesses need to be familiar with. Many had retained business and construction law attorneys in their former states but now need the advice and counsel of attorneys licensed to practice in, and knowledgeable with Florida law. Heekin Litigation Group, one of Florida’s most successful and broad-based business law firms, has acquired many new business customers facing a variety of issues. Sound business practices do not change over locations or venues and those businesses that need help navigating Florida’s legal waters need to consult a competent business law attorney. At Heekin Litigation Group we represent individuals and businesses involved in matters ranging from business contracts, formations and disputes, construction agreements, licensing, defects and liens, HOA or COA Association collection, disputes and enforcement, and real estate boundary and landlord/tenant disputes.  

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Every day, businesses all over Florida are forced to seek legal counsel because of some issue they face that can’t be resolved. Many times, even the fact that a businessperson has retained legal representation doesn’t allow for cooler heads to prevail and disputes to be resolved amicably. Most businesses do not have the financial resources to employ a full time in-house legal counsel. Unfortunately, they often times need experienced legal counsel who understands their unique business issues or type of industry needs they face that only a boutique business law firm can provide. At Heekin Litigation Group we are in the business of helping your business succeed and prosper. With over 50 years of shared business law and construction law experience, our goal is to offer small, medium and even larger size businesses, legal counsel in a variety of ways. From initial startups and business formation, drafting durable contracts, creating key employee non-compete agreements and assisting in entity selection to dispute resolution, general commercial litigation, and appeals, our firm does it all. The most cost-effective way to gain trusted legal counsel is to give Heekin Litigation Group a call today at 904-355-7000. We are a client-oriented business law firm that serves the needs of businesses and individuals throughout Florida. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Visit our website at Jax-Law.Com for a complete list of our services and qualifications. Contact one of our business law attorneys today.


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