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Landmark Construction Defect Victory Gives Hope To Homeowners

After all the work that goes into buying a new home, there is nothing more disheartening than discovering a construction defect upon moving in. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, even in newly built houses and condominiums. Defects can range from leaky roofs, windows and doors to foundation and siding problems.

Thankfully, homeowners have rights. They can file construction defect claims in order to get compensation and repairs. A recent verdict demonstrates that these claims can be effective against even the largest and most powerful construction companies.

Nation’s Largest Home Builder To Pay $9.6 Million In Damages

According to a recent article from First Coast News, a 38-day trial resulted in a verdict against DR Horton, the largest construction company in the United States. The jury determined that the company violated building codes resulting in a variety of problems throughout an entire 240-unit Florida condo development. Some of the construction defects noted include roof leaks and cracked stucco. The jury ordered DR Horton to pay $9.6 million to make the necessary repairs.

Cases involving defective condo or housing developments rarely go to trial, because homeowners are asked to sign contracts that include clauses for private arbitration. In this case, it was the condo owner association that initiated the lawsuit, and the association itself was not bound by the contracts signed by individual homeowners. The result as a public trial that sends a very clear message: building companies of all sizes will be held accountable for construction defects.

If You Discover A Construction Defect

If you discover a defect in a new house or condominium, an experienced lawyer can help. At Heekin, Malin & Wenzel, we help individual homeowners, as well as homeowner associations and condo owner associations. We start the process with a free consultation, so you can learn about your options for seeking repairs and compensation.


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